BoF: Practial Reproducibility by Managing Experiments Like Software

Chairs: Ivo Jimenez, Mike Heroux, Kate Keahey, Jay Lofstead, Carlos Maltzahn

When: Wednesday Nov 15, 12:15pm-1:15pm

Where: Room 601



This BoF is for HPC community members who want to make sharing and re-executing scientific experiments more practical. As a starting point, we will introduce the Popper Protocol (, a set of guidelines for managing scientific explorations as software projects. We will moderate discussions, and conduct a survey among attendants on tools/services that can be used to “Popperize” scientific explorations, i.e. fully automate/document experiments by scripting all aspects of their execution/analysis and version-control their evolution using DevOps tools. Our goal: create a list of tool-chain templates that domain-specific communities can use to incentivize researchers/students to generate easily re-executable/shareable experiments.


12:15   Introduction. Brief introduction to scope the topic of the BoF. In short, our goal is to focus on replicability / re-usability of artifacts associated to experiments (scientific explorations).
12:25   Lightning Talks. Kate Keahey, Carlos Maltzahn and Ivo Jimenez will give a 5-minute lightning talk each, describing their point of view on this topic.
12:35   Discussion. What domain-specific tools do you use? Can they be scripted? Are you scripting your explorations? What works? What needs improvement? How do we incentivize the generation of replicable experiments?
1:05   Survey. Attendees answer a brief survey

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